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So I have fallen head first in the snow, buried Tess in a ditch and  slid down a hill on my bum on a black bag… strange things for a boy from Africa.

Today we spent the day in central Stockholm….

When Tess suggested that we head into the city to see the sites and show me where she grew up, I was quite excited. The streets and the buildings are lovely, everything covered in a white powder makes for a very romatic scene in my opinion, quaint and very far removed from the bustle of London.

We ate, walked, saw some things, ate some more, walked some more and rubbed a statue with a warm belly. Its nice to hear that this statue was errected to commemorate the the work that this ”warm Statue Lady” (who’s name I obviously cant remember) had done for the community. Although I wasn’t sure why everyone touched her nose too?

We met up with Tess’ mom in her apartment in town. She is lovely and so are her two insepperable Red Setters. It’s so funny that my best friend has two as well, it’s definately a good sign.

We also had a good search around some interior decorating stores, as Tess wants to buy a flat soon, and we are looking to move in together. Its lucky that we have the same tastes with these things, as this way I can leave all the home shopping to her.

But today I played my part in helping… amongst other things, I had a good search for some Acorns, but apparently they are not in town this time of year… perhaps on my next visit.

From a long day on our feet we hopped onto the tube, back to where we left the car and a slippery drive out to the quiet countryside.

By the way… do all old men in Sweden have a hunched back and walk with a cane?
(This pic is definitely going on the ”Sweden”page of the book)

It has only been a couple of days in Sweden, I have eaten a Moose, Venison and a lot of Xmas ham, discovered extreme down hill bum sledging and played in the snow with Tess and her sisters, but I’m sure there are plenty more adventures to come.

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  1. Lovely to hear about your opinion of Sweden so far Garth!

    It’s always interesting to hear about how others reflect of what’s so close to home here we don’t even think about it. It would be great if you would give us your opinion of swedes later on, also, when you’ve met some more.

    If they are as reserved, quite and cold as many swedes themself say and foreigners too or if swedes in general are pretty much like Londoners or african people.

  2. Vad är det för kamera och/eller app du tar bilderna med? Sjukt fina 🙂

  3. And I’m just so happy that lovely inspiring Tess has found such a good man as you seem to be!
    Congratulation to you both with such good catches!
    (Oh and I’m inspired to remember the first love I had for my boyfriend, cos I Think one can be madly in love – always – one just gotta be reminded.)
    Good kick with the flat! Moving in together will be perfect! 🙂

  4. Good LuCk was Of course What I meant 😉